Bread is scarce right now and I’ve seen posts all over the internet of people learning to make bread… so I thought I’d share one of my favorite “survival foods.” This is Bannock, a traditional Irish/European/Canadian bread that can be fried or baked. This is a type of soda bread […]

Bannock Recipe

Try Every Day #29 This is a circle. First try. No practice. No pencil. Just picked up a pen and went for it. Why? Well, I have no inspiration today. There’s nothing that I want to draw. So, let this circle represent all the things I should be doing instead […]

A Circle // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #28 In the 80’s and maybe even into the early 1990’s it was still fairly common to see hand-drawn catalogs and advertisements for local companies. I remember the print ads for Big and Small Lots, 84 Lumber, and Hills department stores all featured drawn art. I can […]

Advertisement Art // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #26 I live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. I’ve known and explored these hills my entire life. Today, while working on a logo design for a friends new company, I found something like this in my image search results. It looked like great shading practice […]

The Mountains // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #25I’ve had this turtle on my phone for a while now. I’m not sure where the image came from but the moment I saw it, I fell in love with him. On reddit, the title says that this turtle is 100 years old. Whatever he is, he’s […]

Old Turtle // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #24 I make things. A great many things. Ever since I was a child, I had tools in my hand. My dad taught me to swing a hammer with accuracy, use hand saws, drills, screwdrivers… and I started bolting wood together. I made tree houses, go carts, […]

I Don’t Use Plans // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #23 As I continue to work my way towards actually cutting something in wood, I’ve been doing a bunch of research, looking for my first image. It might be something like this, and there are a few reasons why. If you have never thought about relief printing […]

Maybe a Start // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #22 Paisley has always fascinated me. It’s such an odd thing to see this arguably abstract pattern on men’s clothing. I’m not sure why it became popular, but I’m glad it did. It’s a very interesting pattern that leaves plenty of room for personalization and experimentation. I’m […]

Paisley // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #21 This is a disgrace, but it’s all part of the learning process. This is my first attempt at scrollwork / acanthus design. I thought about practicing a few times before sharing here, but that would be counter to everything I’m doing here. If I’m serious about […]

Incompetent Acanthus // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #20 I’ve been working on a site redesign lately and one of the changes I needed to make was a new favicon… the icon that displays in your browser tab and bookmarks bar. The old site was still using the fedora logo that was part of my […]

Illuminated Letters // Try Every Day

Try Every Day #19 I’m not sure where this came from… the inspiration that is. I’m not even sure I’m done with it. I might work on it more. Do something with the white space in the heart… but it’s enough for now. I’ve been fascinated with the idea of […]

Key Heart // Try Every Day