Yet again, I almost didn’t write an article this week. I’ve written a fair amount already. My book is sitting at 5,721 words which sets me at 4,149 words over the past seven days. Almost 600 words per day. I’m pretty happy with that. I’ve not been trying to stick […]

Pushing Through

I did. I totally forgot to write this article. It was supposed to come out yesterday, which means I would have written it the day before that. I forgot. It was for a good reason though! Promise. I set a goal this year. It’s not a resolution, I don’t do […]

Don’t Forget to Write

I was scrolling YouTube one afternoon when a video popped up from one of my favorite creators—a man known only as Pocket83. He never shows his face and rarely talks about anything more personal than his lawncare routine or tree felling methods, but he often espouses thought provoking ideals, philosophies, […]

I Am NOT A Man of Action

As I am writing this, I am preparing to publish the 2,000th episode of my weekday show, The Daily Shed. If you are unaware, I have produced a daily video journal every weekday for the last seven and a half years. As I’ve been approaching this milestone, I’ve given a […]

Two Thousand Episodes

I like scenes. Not the subculture. I’m talking about small snippets of larger stories, movies, plays, etc. I get excited for scenes when I’m reading or watching something. The setting, the premise, the props… I observe scenes like vignettes more than a piece of a larger whole. I only came […]

Scenes Are Not Stories

Art is theft. All art is a collection of influences filtered through the artist’s personal experiences. This is true regardless of the medium. A book I’ve seen many creatives recommend is Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. It’s a very good book and I am also recommending it but […]

Happy Being a Thief

Such a creative title right? You’ve never heard that before. I’m so clever. You mean to tell me that creativity isn’t always there for you? Sometimes you feel creative and have a deep drive to make something new. Sometimes you have to struggle to do the most basic of creative […]

Creativity Is Fleeting

I hesitate to call myself an artist. It has always felt like giving myself a nickname. I wanted other people to determine when I qualified for the title… like it was something you had to earn. If you look around this site, or my other social medias, art is everywhere. […]

I Chose Art

Beer and Bread from designer Scott Almes, is a 2 player euro game with multi-use cards, resource management, and tight drafting. Collect resources from your shared fields during the harvest to bake and brew valuable recipes. After six seasons, the player who produced the best of both will be the […]


Disney Lorcana is a trading card game featuring Disney characters and unique gameplay. Use cards as Magical Ink or play them to your area to quest for Lore. Lorcana features familiar card-battler mechanics with characters Challenging and Defending, but adds a unique Quest option that earns you Lore points. The […]


Forest Shuffle is a unique tableau building card game with fast turns and adorable art. Plant trees in your forest to support a variety of wildlife and maximise your score through the synergies of your flora and fauna. Turns are simple: play 1 card or draw 2 cards. To play […]


Earth from designer Maxime Tardif and published by Inside Up Games is a deeply strategic tableau builder for 1 to 5 players with simple rules. Games take between 45-90 minutes thanks to a robust action selection mechanic and simultaneous turns. Each games of Earth begins with unique common goals and […]